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Safari Download Manager

Cydia App
Dustin Howett
Version: 1.3.1
Released: 2009-09-05
Shared: 2009-09-05
Size: -


This extension brings a full download manager to Safari, complete with running and controlling multiple downloads, accessible via a new toolbar item. This is an improvement on other existing extensions that take over the currently displayed document to display status information, hindering your navigation. Safari Download Manager (SDM) allows you to continue browsing while downloads are taking place (and can even download in the background, as Safari will not exit if there are any pages loaded).

Users can configure filetypes to download and add their own extensions and mimetypes to the download list.


-Fix the bug where, occasionally, iFile would not launch (if the filename had spaces in it.)
-On installation, make sure ~/Library/Downloads is owned by the user so that downloads don't fail immediately on start.
-Fix some minor rotation issues.

-Fix the bug where the New Tab button would disappear.
-Fix the bug where the application would become unresponsive after streaming video.
-Add many more filetypes and complement all known file extensions with MIME types.
-Do not prompt three times when the user taps "View".
-Download primarily based on MIME now, save for a few extensions that are always on (MS Office Documents, etc.)
-Add support for an SBSettings toggle, which is to be released later.

-Fix the bug where Safari would stop loading pages.
-Fix the bug where the download list would not open.
-Fix the bug where Safari would crash when deleting the last running download.
-Preliminary support for ftp:// addresses in the downloader.

-Retry failed downloads automatically (if network is available).
-Fix the action list coming up in portrait mode all the time.
-Always display "View", even if Safari can't handle it.
-Display failed downloads in Finished, and allow them to be manually retried.
-Allow HTTP authentication.
-Add an awesome visual effect (and block interaction) while a download is being added, to look awesome and prevent a race condition.
-Properly forward iTMS and App Store links.
-Remove application badging.
-Allow deleting files from the interface (tap a completed download.)
-Properly prompt for downloads opening in new tabs.

-Initial Release
Safari Download Manager screenshot