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Baoding Lehuo Network Technology Co., Ltd.
9.0 or later


Alook Web Browser aim to be the best browser for iOS.
• No push, no news, no ads, 23MB, booting under one second.
• Audio/video floating player, 2x speed (supports 0.5-2.0), shares links, background play …
• Download, decompress and compress (zip, rar & 7z), read, play, Wi-Fi Transfer and file management.
• Reader mode, smart splicing pages.
• Built-in 14 languages ​​translation, support full-page translation and word translation.
• Gallery mode to view and save pictures in batches.
• Built-in Adblock Plus, support for manually editing tagged ads, auto-shielding intrusive ads.
• Custom search engine.
• Full-format e-book reader (txt, pdf, epub, mobi, azw, azw3, azw4, prc, pdb).
• iOS 11 Files and iTunes file sharing.
• Perfectly fit iPhone, iPhone X and iPad, support device synchronization.
• Site Settings: video floating, block intrusive ads, text-only mode, clipboard access and JavaScript.

More Features:
• iCloud sync.
• Preload next page.
• Privacy mode.
• Touch ID / Face ID authentication.
• Custom site icon.
• View webpage source.
• Auto refresh.
• Big Bang.
• Handoff
• Full-page snapshot.
• Night mode, text-only mode, full screen mode.
• Pull down to refresh.
• In-page lookup.
• 1Password, LastPass, Avast Passwords & other password managers that conform to 1Password protocol.
• Front and rear camera scanning QR code.
• Identify image QR codes and generate QR codes for link.
• Desktop/Mobile site switch (custom UA).
• Stop direct jumping App Store.
• Print, create PDF.
• Website shortcut input, quick open copy URL.
• Support page turning button and click screen to turn page.
• Slide anywhere on the page to return
• View site certificate.
• Custom long press shortcuts.
• Custom font, language, page slide rate, screen rotation lock...

• Startup: Alook://
• Search or open URL: Alook:// followed by search or link to open.
• New download: Alook://download/ followed by download link.

Privacy & Security:
• Alook won't upload your account, password and any activity data.
• Browsing records, caches, and cookies are not saved in incognito mode.
• Unlike some browsers that synchronize bookmarks and other data in the developer database, Your data is saved in private iCloud database, nobody including developers can access the data.

• Twitter: @AlookBrowser
• Email: [email protected]

• From Bajirnrjej: Hidden Gem!
Surprisingly useful web browser. Youtube background play is great! Support local storage download Default adblock Text only mode Dark theme Reader mode And most of all despite those functions This app is minimal and beautifully designed! Recommended for all heavy and light users.
• From Nasser Abu Ali: Amazing, awesome, wonderful and great browser
This browser is amazing In fact this browser deserve that be default browser because it’s really amazing! Thank you for developers

Thanks Jakub Kučera for helping to translate Czech.
Thanks Ostarc Costar for helping to translate French.
Thanks 최미루 、한규민 and Lee So-Seol for helping to translate Korean.
Thanks Zaffoni Filippo for helping to translate Italian.
Thanks Jorge Recalde for helping to translate Spanish.
Thanks Saber H for helping to translate Persian.
Thank you so much~!

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What's New

We need your help to translate Alook into your language. If you are glad to help please contact us at [email protected] Best Regards.
1. In the new version, the action of create new tab on the iPhone is consistent with Safari. By default, the website allows the website to open the link in the new tab, and the back button can quickly close the current tab back to the parent tab.
2. Forward Button Prefer Forward Page -> Forward Button Prefer Next Page. Now the default forward button is to open the forward page. If you want to keep the previous version, you can open "Settings > Custom Settings > Forward Button Prefer Next Page"

1. Long-press option optimization, remove unnecessary options, move the big bang of the link title to "more...", and add "search by image" function
2. Tour optimization, remove common issues and navigation options
3. Fix the bug that recoding history in reader mode in private browsing
4. Fixed a bug where some websites caused sliding back due to "swipe back anywhere",. While fixing this issue, some sites need to slide back from the left edge.
5. Consistent with Safari: Click on the top. If the toolbar is collapsed, the toolbar will be displayed first. Click again to return to the top.
6. Expand the tab close button click range
7. Fix the bug that the bottom progress bar and the system operation bar are too close when playing full screen on iPhone X.
8. Settings optimization. Move homepage settings, privacy settings and custom settings to the first level of settings
9. When the single picture is displayed, the download bar is not displayed at the top, and you can press and hold to perform the picture operation.
10. Improve Touch ID/Face ID verification:
        a. Cover video suspension correctly
        b. Fix bugs that skip verification directly after multiple verification failures
        c. Fix bugs that can't be blocked after rotating the screen
11. For the live broadcast or some videos that have not been obtained in length, you can't drag the progress. After dragging the progress, the length of the video that failed to obtain partial length can be displayed correctly.
12. Add an animation to open in new tab and open in background.
13. Try to fix the bug that the tab is closed and the video is still playing.
14. Remove the three options: remove the priority current tab open request; back off the tab, 3D Touch opens in a new tab.
15. Fixing New Tabs Opening Links May Be Unloaded
16. Fix a bug that a* video can't play.
17. The forward button first opens the previous page -> the forward button gives priority to the next page. Now the default forward button is to open the previous page. If you want to keep the previous version, you can open "Settings > Custom Settings > Forward button to open the next page first"
18. * Try to fix the bug that the Control Center playlist is occupied
19. Fixed a bug in the local video full-screen playback status bar.
20. Fix local play video Auto play next cause card bug
21. Fix the flashback bug that may be caused by restarting the download on iOS 12.
22. Other bug fixes and many other optimizations



Baoding Lehuo Network Technology Co., Ltd.
9.0 or later