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VectorStyler is an advanced illustration and vector graphics software, with a large and new feature set and workflow improvements. VectorStyler is developed with the goal of providing all the capabilities, designers and illustrators are familiar with, while also introducing new innovative features.

## Improved workflow

* Build a hierarchy of multiple canvases, and use unlimited number of artboards in a single document.
* Rotate views to arbitrary angles and draw or edit objects at any viewing angle.
* Non-destructive image and shape effects can be manipulated directly and interactively on the objects.
* Powerful snapping options to align objects and shapes, including collision and formation snapping.
* Create guidelines at any angle, group guidelines and use different colors per guideline group.
* Work seamlessly with multiple documents.
* Multiple views of the same document: edit a symbol in one view, see changes in the other view.
* Link documents and reuse symbols and styles from other documents.
* Real time, direct editing of objects and styles.
* Context dependent Properties panel.
* Import and reuse complex SVG image effect hierarchies.
* Zoom in to over 1.000.000% level.
* Setup objects for batch exporting.
* Batch export multiple artboards.
* Unlimited Undo and Redo hierarchy with alternate histories.
* Save undo and redo history with the document, and browse previous history in a newly opened documents.
* Find and replace objects, styles and text.

## Vector graphics and illustrations

* Import native editable AI files, including tiling patterns, vector brushes, styles and effects available for reuse and adjustment.
* Use real vector brushes, stretching vector graphics along shapes to create brush paint effects.
* Style objects with multiple outlines and fills using arrows, caps, dashes, stripes, variable stroke width, colors, rich gradients or tiling pattern styles.
* Powerful nondestructive vector effects to adjust object shapes.
* Setup gradients along or across a shape.
* Create mesh gradients from any object using the Mesh tool.
* Create adjustment layers using image effects, or use any object as an adjustment area.
* Advanced outline options, including variable width profiles, dashes, stripes, custom caps and arrows.
* Use the *Appearance* panel to create, edit or remove fill and stroke styles of an object.
* Create and reuse symbols from any object.
* Override selected styles locally for a Symbol.
* Align objects along a path.
* Use color filters to adjust the colors of a vector artwork.
* Convert images to vector art using the Image Trace panel.
* Use the *Shape Builder* tool to create complex shapes.

## Advanced typography

* Powerful text on path features: interactive positioning of text along a path.
* Easy adjustment of the vector text baseline, to create a text on path effect.
* Interactively move and transform individual characters of a text shape.
* Flow text in multiple frames across multiple artboards and canvases.
* Balance multiple columns of text flow inside a frame.
* Enable and use advanced East-Asian typography features.
* Use OpenType color and variable fonts.
* Apply automatic optical kerning to glyphs.

## Powerful vector tools

* Use the sketch tool to create complex shapes by sketching simple strokes.
* Shape operations: Combine, Intersect, Union, Exclude, Cut Out, Inside, Outside, Remove Overlaps, Exclude Back, Divide, Trim and Merge.
* Use the shape effects panel creates and manages multiple shape effects applied to the selected object.
* Distort groups of objects, using mesh or envelope distortions.
* Bend groups of objects along arbitrary, freely editable shapes.
* Warp objects into predefined shapes.
* Apply the *Elastic Warp* effect to distort objects freely.
* Use true vector brushes, with variable width and pressure sensitivity.
* Advanced masking and clipping options to create complex artworks.



What's New

- Added a global color mode option to generate color palettes for new documents.
- Added copy and paste commands to the shape preset drop down for easier shape transfer.
- Document level option to not show fill for open paths.
- Improved color font text expansion with ligatures.
- Assigning color to compound paths when one path is a text shape.
- Previewing and applying intensity oiptions in random repeater geometry.
- Improved compound shape from cloned objects.
- Allow drag and drop between layer panels of different canvases.
- Canvas panel drag and drop improvements.
- Importing SVG with box placement should position it correctly.
- Added support for Unicode extension planes in TTF fonts.
- Improved handling of shape closing in the path sketch tool.
- Editable text inside compound shapes.
- Erase block modifier to work on selected shapes only.
- Allow selection and copy from Unicode field in the glyph panel.
- Option to move locked objects when moving artboards.
- Added alternate editor modes to the reflect and corner tools.
- Fixed expanding SVG color font text with current color.
- Data source CSV file reading with Unicode characters.
- Improved moving text on path inside a complex design.
- Fixed a magic wand regression.
- Fixed a memory leak issue.
- Fixed a crash caused by deleting cloned objects.
- Remove member objects from selection when transforming.
- Fixed a crash caused by deleting guidelines.
- Fixed a global color handling bug.
- Fixed a template artboard refresh issue.
- Fixed a template selection issue with duplicate templates.
- Default artboard size can also be set in Canvas options.
- Update the offset path indicator in wireframe mode.
- Drag and drop improvements in the Layers panel.
- Do not open large preview when dragging from the layer preview icon.
- Mirror tool to position objects correctly.
- Indicate empty layers and groups in the Layers panel with a different opening icon.
- Improved handling of stroke attributes in the Pencil tool.
- Duplicating artboards from the canvas panel to consider bleed for spacing.
- General stability improvements.

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Graphics & Design
NumericPath Oy
10.11 or later