Now Then Pro - Time Tracker and Timesheet Management

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Angry Aztec Ltd
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Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


Use Now Then to record what you’re doing as you do it, and discover where your time really goes.

This information makes completing time sheets a breeze, and lets you see what can be done to improve your productivity.


• Simple and focused time keeper. Focused on tracking time, and nothing else.
• We do not complicate the interface by trying to do too many things in one place.
• Record the hours worked on your job, clocking in and out with ease.
• Accurately track how your time is spent.
• Quickly change the current task you're recording.
• Use a task list that suits you. We do not prescribe the structure of your task list.
• The task list is hierarchical and can be as flat and simple, or as deep and complex as you wish.
• Stays out of your way. You are in and out quickly, with the minimum number of taps.
• Use of the keyboard is kept to a minimum.


• Use the crisp, colourful charts to quickly identify misused time.
• Use the knowledge gained to make the changes required to boost your productivity.
• Find out where your time actually goes, rather than scheduling what you expect to do.


• Now View
- A simple, rapid task selector for recording what you are doing now.
- Simply tap to start and stop tasks, or tap on another to switch to it immediately.
- Edit the task list as you go using Now.
- Order tasks how you want.
- Move entire branches from one part of the list to another by changing the parent task.

• Then View
- What you were doing, and when.
- View by day, week or month.
- A visual log of how your time was spent.
- Edit recorded events.
- Or add forgotten events afterwards.

• Chart View
- See the proportion of time spent on each task, or group of tasks.
- View bar charts and pie charts by day, week, month, or year.

• Filter both Then and Chart by task, date, or by time.

• Remind Me
- It can be tricky remembering to record what you're doing, especially when you're busy.
- Use Remind Me to be notified on a regular interval that a task is still recording.
- You can also be reminded when you’re not recording anything.

• Share Images
- Share via Mail, Messages, and social services such as Facebook or Twitter.
- Save to Photos, copy and paste into another app, or print directly.

• Share Data
- Use Open in… to open images and data in other apps.
- Open in apps like Dropbox for cloud storage, or open a data file directly in Excel.
- Open in… works with any apps that open CSV files, or PNG images.

• iCloud Sync
- Keeps your data in sync across all your iOS devices.

• Backup and Restore
- Make your own backups and store them externally.
- This is in addition to the backups you get by using iCloud sync.

• Designed for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.


• Project Time Tracker
• Timesheet Assistant
• Tracking Client Time
• 6 Minute Timekeeping
• Study Tracker
• Work Log Book
• Activity Timer

Get Now Then Pro today and find out where your time really goes.



***** Unbelievably GREAT app!!
I use this ALL-THE-TIME, ALL-DAY-LONG!!! More than ANY other app! It's an amazing app to track your time and see where it goes. Great productivity monitor!! Very intuitive and easy to use, but it's so functional that some aspects aren't seen immediately. They could charge twice the price or have a nominal yearly subscription and I'd gladly pay it. Get this and try it if you want to see where your time goes for the different aspects of your life!

***** Intuitive, easy, complete, fundamental
I've been testing several time and task management apps and this have been by far the easiest, cleanest and still complex, serious. It allows nested tasks and sub tasks, iCloud sync, powerful charts with filters, etc. The support is quick to reply, very thorough and engaging. Best mgmt app in the market. Keep on the good work!

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What's New

• iPad Pro support

• A crash moving tasks.
• A crash duplicating tasks on Edit Task.
• A crash sharing images.
• A rare crash on saving.
• CSV data files shared from Then now give durations to 5 decimal places. This is necessary to ensure decimal durations are accurate to the second.
• iCloud reliability issues.
• An iCloud bug where it would sometimes immediately replay the transaction logs after the first run through on a fresh device.
• Reset After on Then and Chart didn’t always reset after the time limit expired.
• Time filters within the hour on Then.
• The ‘now’ indicator line on Then not appearing in the correct position when a time filter was in effect.
• Double-tapping to zoom on Then when very close to max zoom took you to max zoom, rather than the more sensible default zoom scale, requiring a double double-tap.
• Then losing it’s scroll position time on device rotation.
• A failed backup spinner progress alert getting stuck on screen.
• A task filter set on Then or Chart, for which the task was then deleted was still in effect afterwards, even though the task was gone, but wasn’t visible when Filter Settings was checked.
• Email bug reporting will now offer to send a bug report the instant it is turned on if bugs have been logged recently, rather than waiting until it has at least a days worth.
• Restoring backups now supports archives that just contain a tasks.csv file - there is no need to provide an empty events.csv file (beware! restoring backups will overwrite any existing data - use this for initial setup of new team member devices only).
• Lots of other minor stability and usability improvements.

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Angry Aztec Ltd
4.3 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.