TubeG Pro for YouTube

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Dariusz Topolski
8.0 MB
Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor

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Enjoy best player for watching YouTube on Mac

[New] Show notification for new subscribed videos!
TubeG Pro is a completely NATIVE app, not like the other - web browsers.

Now you can manage playlists and channel items, search with autocomplete, advanced filter options and watch on top of apps (does not include YouTube download).

Watch playlist never be so easy, just click on video in playlist and enjoy browser-free watching!
You can also single click with our web browsers extensions to watch in separate window or drag & drop YouTube link.

Save battery, we use native player instead of flash player in browser. 80% lower cpu usage than Safari and no fan noise.

Beautiful & clean window. Do you want to watch your favorite videos from YouTube in a separate window and adjust it's size? Yes, we want it too and now it's available. Browser window it's too big, when you want to do something else you have to change size, hide toolbars etc. Now you can easily search and watch your favorite clips.

- Search with autocomplete
- Filter advanced options for search
- Local playlists (works without an account)
- What to watch, channels, playlists, subscriptions (sign in with Goggle+ account)
- Manage YouTube playlist & channel items (add, remove, vote)
- Manage playlists (add, remove)
- Show notification for new subscribed videos
- Subscribe and unsubscribe
- Little pull down to load more (pagination)
- Show related at the end of movie
- Global shortcut to open popover (window)
- Open in Full Screen mode after open window
- Beautiful & clean window (auto show/hide title bar)
- Support multiple windows
- Paste or drag & drop multiple links
- Get YouTube video from every page
- Support vevo, live streaming
- Possibility to enter mp4 video url
- Launch on startup
- Quit application after last window closed
- Keep player windows on top
- Play video automatically
- Choose default quality
- Set your own dimensions
- Set default window position
- Set window shadow
- Single window (disable multiple windows)
- Change player controls style in preferences (3 options)
- Custom seek time in preferences
- Original size in preferences & right click menu
- Aspect ratio when resize in preferences & right click menu
- Change opacity
- Full screen mode
- Support web browsers extensions (just single click to open video)
- App Nap

Please contact us if you found bug or want help to translate in your language.

PS. If does not work for you (due to censorship of YouTube), this application will not work either.

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What's New

• Added incomplete French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian and Spanish localisation
• Added support for control-click (right-click) to show menu
• Added favorites to add to playlist
• Fixed refresh after add remote playlist
• Fixed accidental close playlist menu
• Fixed - open subscription, load more and add to playlist
• Changed popover minimum size from 550 to 620 pixels
• Miscellaneous bug fixes

Changes in 3.4.1 version (released on May 20th 2015):
• Rewritten engine for local playlists - now supports multiple playlists
• Added "What to Watch" - Recommended, by likes, by playlists (suggestions)
• Added option to add new local and remote playlist
• Added delete button to playlists
- delete local playlist
- delete remote playlist
• Added sort subscriptions by new items count
• Added open playlist menu after click on menu bar icon (if the Playlists is opened and selected option "Automatically open the playlist menu")
• Added refresh count for local playlist after remove/insert new video
• Added new feature to search filter - "Creative Commons”
• Added cache for playlists, subscriptions:
- clear cache after refresh
- clear cache after delete/add to playlist
- clear cache after notification - new videos to subscriptions
- skip cache after some time
• Added images cache in playlists
• Added converter from old playlist engine
• Added main queue to notifications - accidental possible crash

• Changed transparent (alpha)
• Changed threads in subscriptions
• Changed open preferences will open search filter and pro preferences

• Improved all animations
• Improved parser
• Better handle errors in related videos - empty videos
• Clear errors when found some items

• Fixed save volume when load new video to old window
• Fixed show window position (broken by last changes)
• Fixed wrong video id after delete and load new page
• Fixed open link directly after reset defaults
• Fixed view width with error message
• Fixed show other error when no internet connection
• Fixed set string crash, when no internet connection
• Fixed search by video id after other search
• Fixed click on empty related videos
• Fixed notification about update after download new version

Changes in 3.4.0 version (released on April 18th 2015):
• Added notifications for new videos from subscriptions - will notify after wake from sleep, every 30 minutes (if subscription is not checked manually)
• Added right click to related videos (add to playlist, share)
• Added like, dislike and vote for search
• Added search by video id (included private videos) - ’video_id’
• Added auto play next item button (Playlists) - if you want play only one video from playlist, you will see related videos
• Added click on notification to open YouTube video
• Added possibility to change popover width - set pixels in "Search filter and Pro Preferences"
• Added possibility to change popover height - set number items in "Search filter and Pro Preferences"
• Added new setting to "Search filter and Pro Preferences" - Automatically open the playlist menu after click on "Playlists" button
• Added refresh player window after change Preferences
• Added image - no videos in selected playlist
• Added actual state messages to player window
• Added Preferences option: "Show the video window after loading video”
• Added to date tool tip with real date
• Added Other Preferences button to “Search filter and Pro Preferences”
• Added what's new window (release notes)

Redesigned search filter:
• Added video category based on current country
• Added video duration
• Added country for search in specify country
• Added search for Live broadcast
• Changes: published after, order

Added 3 preferences for notifications in "Search filter and Pro Preferences":
• Show notification for new subscribed videos
• Check after resuming from sleep mode
• Show only one notification with latest video


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Dariusz Topolski
8.0 MB
Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor